4.介绍旅游景点的英文短语 介绍旅游景点的英语作文模板



       great wall

       Great GOOSE pagoda 大雁塔...

       West Lake 西湖

       Statue of Liberty 自由女神像

       Tiger-running Spring 虎跑泉

       Pyramids 金字塔

       Yuanmingyuan Garden圆明园

       Summer Palace颐和园


       上海著名景点的英文:Famous Scenic Spots in Shanghai

       Spot 读法 英 [sp?t] 美 [spɑ?t]?





       1、bright spot?光点;辉点;高兴的事

       2、a spot of?少量的;一点儿

       3、spot market?现货市场

       4、top spot?榜首;最高位置

       5、on spot?现场;在现场



       site, position, location, scene, situation, spot这组词都有“地点、位置、场所”的意思,其区别是:








       location 读法 英?[l?(?)'ke?(?)n]?美?[lo'ke?n]?

       n. 位置(形容词locational);地点;外景拍摄场地


       1、central location?中央位置;[计]中央单元

       2、target location?n. 目标位置,目标定位;目标搜索

       3、location theory?区位论;位置理论

       4、storage location?存储单元;存储位置

       5、current location?当前位置



       翻译成英文是:Many famous scenic spots


       scenic 英[?si:n?k] 美[?sin?k]

       adj. 风景优美的; 舞台的; 戏剧性的; 布景的,背景的;

       n. 风景照片; 风景胜地; 实景**;

       [例句]This is an extremely scenic part of America.


       [其他] 比较级:more scenic 最高级:most scenic

介绍旅游景点的英文短语 介绍旅游景点的英语作文模板


       attraction这个单词并没有景点的意思。但tourist attraction是景点的意思。

       attraction是英文单词,主要用作名词,作名词时中文含义是:吸引力;(尤指两性间的)吸引;向往的地方;有吸引力的事;有吸引力的特征(或品质、人)。其复数形式是 attractions。


       1、The attraction of Zimbabwe is all about its gorgeous landscapes.


       2、But its attraction may be weakening.


       3、One attraction is that it eases the over-reliance on monetary policy.


       4、Attraction to or affinity for animals.


       5、Classic attraction is what we would all think of straightaway.





       a scenic spot

        a tourist destination

        a place of tourist attraction


        The Statue of Liberty is a major tourist attraction.


        They stayed at several of the island's top tourist spots.


        The aquatic Stone Forest, some ten kilometres from Huangguoshu Waterfall, is a burgeoning tourist spot on a small fiver.


        Mt. Laoshan would be the ideal place for you, then. It has around 200 sightseeing spots.


        scenic :

        adj. 风景优美的;舞台的;布景的;戏剧的

        n. 风景照片;风景胜地

        The scenic was shot on location in Rome.


        The scenic splendors of the Rocky Mountains are overwhelming.


        The production of the musical comedy was a scenic triumph.


        spot :

        n. 斑点;污点;场所;职位;旅游胜地

        v. 弄脏;玷污;认出,发现

        adj. 立即的,当场做出的

        adv. 恰好,准确地

        There are spots in (or on) the sum


        It was cute of you to spot the truth.


        To mark or mottle with spots.


        tourist :

        n. 旅行者,观光客

        adj. 旅游的

        adv. 在经济舱;乘经济舱

        the tourist business


        a tourist agency


        tourist passengers



       Admission is free 不收门票

       Advanced booking is essential to avoid disappointment提前预定,避免错过。

       All passengers are strongly advised to obtain travel insurance.建议所有乘客购买旅游保险。 All tours require advance booking. 旅游需要提前订票。

       All-inclusive ticket 票价包括所有费用。

       Cafeteria available 提供自助餐

       Child reductions 儿童优惠

       Children are free if supervised. 有监护人的儿童免费。

       Children under 12 half price throughout season. 全季12岁以下的儿童半价

       Clean and comfortable 清洁舒适

       Come with us to the world’s most beautiful cities和我们一起游览世界上最美丽的城市。 Concessions (票价)优惠

       Day trip to 一日游

       Discounts available for pre-booked groups 团体提前预定优惠

       Fine views of London 伦敦美景

       For more detailed information please call 欲知详情,请打电话。

       Free children admission with full paying adult 卖成人票,儿童免费。

       Free children ticket with this leaflet 持本广告儿童免费。

       Free entry for all 向所有人开放

       Free entry to over 60 attractions 免费到60多个景点旅游。

       Free for accompanied children under 16 years of age. 所带16以下岁儿童免费。

       If you would like to join our club, please contact 如想参加我们的俱乐部,请联系 Pick up points and times 接站地点和接站时间

       Reservations 预定

       Reserved seating 预订座位

       Safe and reliable 安全可靠

       Self-catering 可自己做饭

       Shopping offers 提供购物机会

       Sights of London 伦敦风光

       Sightseeing at its best! 观光游览最佳季节。

       Tour operators 旅游组织者

       Tours take up to two hours 游程两个小时。

       Tours are held throughout the day 旅游活动全天进行。

       Tours have live English commentary 旅游配有现场英语解说。

       Under 24 hours a 50% charge may be levied. 24小时内收半价

       We want you to have a good holiday 我们让你渡过一个愉快的假日。

       Exhibition and Museum 展览会博物馆

        are now free to everyone. 现免费向公众开放。

        will again be open to the public. 再次向公众开放。

       Admission charge £4 门票4英镑

       Do not touch the exhibits/objects 勿触摸展品/物品

       Exhibition opening times: 开馆时间:

       Extended opening hours during August 八月延长开放时间。

       Flash photograph is not permitted 不准用闪光灯拍照

       Forthcoming exhibitions 即将展出

       Open 10:30am—6:00pm every day throughout the year全年每天10:30am—6:00pm 开放。 Open 7 days a week 每周7天开放

       Photography and video are not permitted inside the building楼内不许拍照录像。 Ticket office 售票处

       Unemployed, disabled, students and children free 失业者,残疾人,学生和儿童免费。 With access all day 全天开放

       人民广场 People’s Square 外滩建筑群(十里洋场)foreign concessions along the Bund 金贸大厦88层观光厅the 88th floor of observation hall in Jinmao Tower 豫园 Yu Garden东 方明珠电视塔 Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower 上海大剧院 Shanghai Grand Theater 国际会议中心 Shanghai International Convention Center 城煌庙City God Temple 中共一大会址 Site of the First National Congress of CPC上海大世界 the Great World Entertainment Center 国际客运码头 the International Passenger Quay 锦江乐园 Jinjiang Amusement Park鲁迅纪念馆 Lu Xun Memorial Hall 上海话剧艺术中心 Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center 上海植物园 Shanghai Botanical Garden上海美术馆 Shanghai Art Gallery上海海洋水族馆 Shanghai Ocean Aquarium高架:overpass/ elevated high way

       四通八达:radiating in all direction 地铁:underground(Br), subway(Am), Metro (fr) 轻轨:light railway/ railroad; elevated railway 保税区:bounded zone 出口加工区:Export Processing zone 高科技园区:hi-tech park经贸区: financial and trade zone

       名胜古迹:places of historic interest

       漂亮的山水:beautiful landscape

       游客向往的地方:tourist destination

       As the tourist destination, Guilin boasts a beautiful landscape

       风光:vistas endless vistas 无限风光

       景点 tourist spot; tourist attraction

       山水风光 scenery with mountains and rivers; landscape

       名山大川 famous mountains and great rivers

       名胜古迹 scenic spots and historical sites

       避暑胜地 summer resort

       度假胜地 holiday resort

       避暑山庄 mountain resort

       蜜月度假胜地 honeymoon resort

       国家公园 national park

       古建筑群 ancient architectural complex

       佛教胜地 Buddhist sacred land

       皇城imperial city

       御花园 imperial garden

       甲骨文 inscription on bones and tortoiseshells

       古玩店 antique/curio shop

       手工艺品 artifact; handicrafts

       国画 traditional Chinese painting

       天坛 the Temple of Heaven

       紫禁城 Forbidden City

       故宫the Imperial Palace

       敦煌莫高窟 Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang

       玉佛寺the Jade Buddha Temple

       布达拉宫 Potala Palace

        洞穴/岩洞 cave; cavern

       温泉 hot spring

       陵墓 emperor’s mausoleum/tomb

       古墓 ancient tomb

       石窟 grotto

       祭坛 altar

       楼 tower; mansion

       台 terrace

       亭阁 pavilion




       塔 pagoda; tower

       廊 corridor

       石舫 stone boat

       湖心亭 mid-lake pavilion

       保存完好 well-preserved

       工艺精湛 exquisite workmanship

       景色如画 picturesque views

       诱人景色 inviting views

       文化遗产cultural heritage/ legacy

       岩溶地形karst topography

        上有天堂,下有苏杭 In heaven there is the paradise, and on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou. / As there is the paradise in heaven, so there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth.

        五岳归来不看山,黄山归来不看岳 Trips to China’s five great mountains render trips to other mountains unnecessary, and a trip to Huangshan renders trips to the five great mountains unneeessary.

        桂林山水甲天下 The scenery of Guilin has been called the finest under heaven.

       五岳 five great mountains china’s five sacred/ divine mountains

       天下第一奇山 the most fantastic mountain under heaven

        黄山四绝 the four unique scenic features: picturesque rocks, legendary pines, the sea of clouds and hot springs


       1. 关于介绍长城的英语作文4句话

        the great wall

        the great wall runs across north china like a huge dragon, it winds its way from west to east, across deserts, over mountains, through valleys till at last it reaches the sea. it's the longest wall on the earth, also one of the wonders in the world.

        the great wall has a history of more than 2000 years. the first part was built during the spring and autumn period. all the walls were joined up in qin dynasty.all tile work was done by hand. thousands of people died while building the wall.thus the great wall came into existence.

        since then, it has been rebuilt and repaired many times. now the great wall,the admiration of the world, has taken on a new look. it's visited by large numbers of people from all parts'of the'country and the world.





        2. 介绍长城英语短句 (要句子)

        The Great Wall is the name for a wall.


        It first comes from the time of the Qin Dynasty.


        Shihuangdi wanted to protect China's northern border.


        So he ordered his soldiers to build walls along the border


        Today's Great Wall is different from the old one, it comes from the time of the Ming Dynasty.


        On that time, the soldiers could march on the top of the wall.


        Now it is a good place to visit.



        3. 形容长城美丽的句子(英文)

        You should not miss the Great Wall.


        _ The Great Wall is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


        _ There is a Chinese saying, “Those who don't reach the Great Wall are not true men.”


        4. 介绍长城的英语作文12

        The Great Wall of China

        The Great Wall of China is called the "Ten thousand Ii Great Wall" in Chinese. In fact, it' s more than 6 000 kilometres long. It winds its way from west to east, across deserts, over mountains, through valleys till at last it reaches the sea. It is one of the wonders of the world.

        The Great Wall has a history of over twenty centuries. The first part of it was built during the Spring and Autumn Period. During the Warring States Period, more walls were put up to defend the borders of the different kingdoms. It was during the Qin Dynasty that the kingdom of Qin united the dif ferent parts into one empire. To keep the enemy out of his empire, Emperor Qin Shi Huang had all the walls joined up. Thus, the Great Wall came into being.

        The Great Wall is wide enough at the top for five horses or ten men to walk side by side. Along the wall are watchtowers, where soldiers used to keep watch. Fires were lit on the the towers as a warning when the enemy came.

        It was very difficult to build such a wall in the ancient days without any modern machines. All the work was done by hand. Thousands of men died and were buried under the wall they built. The Great Wall was made not only of stone and earth, but of the flesh and blood of millions of men.

        5. 长城用英语介绍 越短越好


        In the north of China, there lies a 6,700-kil